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Kings Inn - Barrister - Practising Counsel - Kings Inn

Kings Inn - Barrister - Practising Counsel - Kings Inn


Kings Inn - Barrister Legal Dress Rental - ROI

This fee covers a 3 day rental and use of individual Set ;

  • Short blonde wig with black gown with square collar long sleeves stiff wing collar with tabs


*Note : No Barristers (Practising Counsel) in Republic Of Ireland are legaly required to wear wigs while practising, though barristers are permitted to continue wearing traditional wigs and or traditional garments if they personally choose to do so.


This legal attire is desined specificaly for Kings INN Bar Call Graduates - ; Practacing senior & junior counsel ROI District Court Circuit Court Court of Appeal Supreme Court or any Barrister who wishes to practice law within the ROI court system.




All Garments have been designed, cut and manufacturered with the finest of fabric by skilled cutters and seasoned traditional machinists in Ireland By Callaghan Robemakers Ltd

  • We require that you the hirer be responsible for the safe return & return costs (If any required) of robe set hired by you to our Dundrum store (Returns Counter) or otherwise aranged with company .

    If for any reason you have a issue or problem with returning robe set within 2-3 days of hire .ie (over the course of a weekend) Please contact us asap to let us know the status of estimated return time/date.

    We understand the distribution to regular schedules work life & personal ect and will do our very best to try to accommodate you as best we can in these times

    ​You should package the parcel securely making sure you include a note of your name and address (Enclosing any returns slip, if we have provided one) inside the parcel and then return it to us by the confirmed method.

    Thank You.

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