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Terms & Condition Of Hire

  • The Hirer accepts full responsibility for the safekeeping & use of the hired Products during the duration of hire.

  • in the event of any hired goods being damage, stolen or lost occurs due to your failure to take proper care of the Hired Garments (Gown , hood, cap) the company legally reserves the right to invoice a (Penalty Charge) via legal collections in addition to the original hire fee for the full retail price of each and or any of garments hired by the person named on the order.

  • The use of robes is restricted only to the person named on order placed and ordering process breach of this may resort to penalty fee

  • Overdue returns may incur an extra charge at the rate of €10.00 fee per day or part thereof.

  • The Hirer may not leave the country with possession of a hired robe set (Any Hired Garment) from Callaghan Gowns, unless the *international travel deposit (€200) has been payed , doing so may resort in legal action & will result in the hirer being invoiced a penalty fee in addition to the rental price .

  • Full Payment via online store is required to secure booking.

  • Cancellation : If they choose to do so the hirer may cancel their booking and receive a full refund to their debit/credit card , *Online refund will only be issued if hirer cancels before receiving or collecting robe set.

Shipping & Postal Returns

We provide FREE outgoing shipping on all online orders nationwide, we will ship your order to your chosen address 1-2 days in advance of your graduation date ( or the specific date you have requested upon order) , due to current restrictions with adhering to the National Framework for living with COVID -19 & affected logistic implementations we require that , you the hirer be responsible for the safe return & return costs (if any required) of robe set hired by you to our Dundrum store ( Returns Counter)  .


If for any reason you have a issue or problem with returning robe set within 2-3 days of hire .ie (over the course of a weekend) Please contact us asap to let us know the status of estimated return time/date.


We understand the distribution to regular schedules work life & personal ect and will do our very best to try to accommodate you as best we can in these times while adhering to the National Framework for living with COVID-19 


You should package the parcel securely (making sure you include a note of your name and address (enclosing any returns slip, if we have provided one) inside the parcel and then return it to us by the confirmed method.

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