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Griffith College - Masters Of Arts - MA

Griffith College - Masters Of Arts - MA


Graduation Gown Rental( All students graduating Masters @ Griffith College are required to wear this attire )

* For anyone who graduated in 2020 or 2021 who wishes to partake in graduation / virtual celebration event in 2022 may also hire a robe set if they wish to. By selecting other date in drop down and requesting a date in add note section

  • We provide FREE outgoing shipping on all online orders nationwide, we will ship your order to your chosen address 1-2 days in advance of your graduation date or other if requested

    We require that you the hirer be responsible for the safe return & return costs (if any required) of robe set hired by you to our Dundrum store ( Returns Counter) . If for any reason you have a issue or problem with returning robe set within 2-3 days of hire .ie (over the course of a weekend) Please contact us asap to let us know the status of estimated return time/date.


    We understand the distribution to regular schedules work life & personal ect and will do our very best to try to accommodate you as best we can in these times

    ​You should package the parcel securely (making sure you include a note of your name and address (enclosing any returns slip, if we have provided one) inside the parcel and then return it to us by the confirmed method.

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